Sunday, January 26, 2014

Stay Alive ! - A post dedicated to the Movie - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

I name this morning (5th Jan 2014) of my life as the 'Stay Alive' morning. In the mids of chaotic weekends - with a cousin's wedding around, shopping, jewellery and shoes coordination, never ending visits to the dress boutique to get the final perfect fit, financial plannings, Dad visiting me, planning for him, and then above all me the highly moody girl. Sometimes I am myself clueless as to what I am going to do next, just don't know! I feel as if in this body of mine, stays too many me...
I had to treat myself be more precise - my mind; with something really Awesome and cost effective. But to make it clear  the following options were ruled-out - New Dress, Shopping at Sale, Long walk and getting Lost, Meeting a friend, eating out, watching Sun set etc etc.

So I went ahead and booked a seat for myself for a morning show as I still had a lot of pending stuff ahead of cousin's wedding. The seat no. was 17-D :) (I often do this...just go and watch any movie alone if I don't have anyone else to go with...after all I am their to watch movie and not the person who accompanies me). I was so very happy, just don't know what was so magical about the day...but I was plain - pure happy may be because I learned a bit about prioritizing things/ tasks for my own self...and  I loved the thought that I chose the Feel Good Factor for Self above all of the time killing and tiring mandatory stuffs that mom loves :( I wonder how she does it...I just go mad. May be that's what is Mom's Love is all about and I am really lucky and blessed to have her.

Now lets come to the Movie part of it - with this movie, I felt as if I am actually watching someone I deeply know....with that zoned-out phase of Walter Mitty - the lead actor in the movie, I too do the same and get lost somewhere in my never stopping analytical or digging thoughts.

After watching this movie I felt recharged from within, deep down from the core of my soul & heart. Also, I had this self affirming feeling about couple of dictum that rings in your ears from time to time and here are those few - 

  1. Their is a reason why you met someone in the journey of your life.
  2. Magic happens. Believe it. Life is magical. 
  3. No situation is ever completely hopeless.
  4. Go in the direction of your dreams.
  5. Trust in lord and do the right.
  6. When you wish upon a Star, makes no difference who you are. Whatever your heart    desire's will come True!
  7. Dream. Explore and live life to its fullest. LIFE is indeed a blessing. 

and somehow this statement fills the thrill in me - Been their done that!

I watched this movie on 5th of January'14 and the trailer on youtube still brings the zeal in life. I think if I watch it again, I will have altogether a new story to write about my experience with it. Also, this movie instilled a new desire and a new wish on my vision board i.e. to climb up to the peak of mighty Himalaya's! and watch the first ray of sun falling on it and painting it with its warmth.

I realized one thing that when we have a desire and we think that its happening in real, we actually feel the fuse life into the dream...same as when I looked up for a moment and could only see the italicized bold letters stating - been their done that! Climb up to the peak of mighty Himalaya's.

See ya again here.....


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Untitled - 2013 Dec 31st Eve Post

Today is 31st December 2013 & soon we will land in 2014!

I had this thought of coming back to my blog & post something...the moment this urge take birth I go mad & my mind start finding stories, things or topics in whatever that happens in a day...& it becomes so very difficult to even sort it out or chose one thing out of the whole lot of thoughts that keep flowing as if its a stream of words!

Well, considering today as the lightest day at my workplace first time after joining the new company seven months back & also today being the last day of 2013, I just had to grab the opportunity & pour it all here.

The urge of writing is followed by a strong mind tossing self-discussion as to 'WHAT' ...what to write about?. I thought let me post 
  1. My Crazy - 'I Wish' list 
  2. Handmade cards
  3. Connecting dots to conclude that everything makes sense at the end...or may be that's what is 'The beginning'. Looking back at 2013
  4. How was my 31st Dec 2013 different & how
  5. My newly developed concerns after joining this new job :(
well - seems like the list is going to go on and on and I decided to put a full-stop to it & start filling the details to it all. so lets begin!

1. My Crazy - 'I Wish' list
At times I get this willingness to wish for anything or everything that suits the very moment
  • I wish I could be re-activated in my current life as Google Engine - just one click and I search it all, I reach or become destinations, I help you heal or go crazy...the options are endless & I really wish I be reactivated as Ru-girl or Roogle Engine 
  •  Messanger/Chat  user's like me are so addicted to express, we find the custom status update very user friendly, but this conflicts with the lync in my office as we have few boring and lifeless default status :( - Away, In a meeting, Remotely working etc. One fine day I was working from home and for lunch I prepared Maggie and it was complimenting the cold weather I had this wish - I wish I could update my official Chat messenger status to - Enjoying my bowl of hot Maggie noodles!...ah! it really feels so wow to even have this thought of updating this message :)
  • I love to receive mail posts. Couple of years back, me and my cousin sis use to exchange lots of letters...and one day sitting alone I realized how desperate I use to feel as to when the postman will arrive at the door..with that one letter that is for me..and the thrilling moment when it actually gets into my hand! OH My My!...just can't express it in words - what all use to run through my mind in just that fraction of a seconds between receiving & start reading it. I use to and still love it :) so one fine day when I was feeling so kind to the world, I wished - I wish I could be the envelop carrying happiness in me and the first one to witness the sheer Joy on receivers face :).
That's pretty much it! 

2. Handmade cards
Making Cards is something that gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and achievement and it is so - because it connects back to my wish no. 3rd posted above. here are a few of them:
3. Connecting dots of 2013 - 'The beginning'
Some of the major events say heart breaking/ thrilling/ though provoking etc took place in 2013 of my journey of life I think I would like to jot down the things that let me stand tall. 
  • :( Other than yest. I don't remember anything :). All, I can say that it all make sense in the end when feeling low remember - someone somewhere without your knowledge loves you a lot!
  • You are here for a reason and life's events are directing you towards it.
  • Certain things or thoughts become bearable when we just accept them.
  • God always does miracle; we need to have an eye to believe in it and feel it and see it happening 

4. How was my 2013' 31st Dec was different & what did I do....
Well, I started this post yesterday  - on the 31st Dec 2013 in the heated moment of upcoming New year - 2014 also fever, cold and coughs and was excited to write this as this day was indeed a different one from my few last days or months...
  • Being the end of year; work load was low and I could at times win over the fight with the desire to sleep in the warmth of the blankets and catching up with the rising Sun, Chirping of the birds, talking to my plants enjoying my morning tea among them and feel the calmness.
  • In office, I experienced a day that I though will never be their. I could actually meet people/ friends, have my breakfast peacefully, laugh with them, enjoy my tea with them and take a walk along the lawns.
  •  Today the most different thing was - catching a Bus from outside the office campus just few mins before it was about to start.
  • Enjoyed the evening with a friend at Woody's over snacks and laughter.
  • Tried a couple of artificial jewellery at a Mall.
  • Later in the eve a refreshing hot water bath.
  • Gearing up for the 12:00am of  1-1-2014 and the glittering sky,
  • Lit a lamp made of dough at 12am and thanked God for taking care of it all for me and holding me tight whenever I was trembling.
  • Spoke to Nani, Mom and Dad.
  • Started writing this blog.
  • Planned for getting two flowering plants and manure for the rest already here and keeping a money plant in the bathroom (the wish was so so strong that, from God knows where a hawker with flowering plants came to my lane and did it all for me - just loved it and felt blessed)
  • Also, secretly included a couple of my close onces in my prayers....thanked God for sending them in my life and blessing me with ample Love and Care.

5. My newly developed concerns after joining new job few months back ;) 
Lets get straight to the point
  • I work 5days a week - the worst mind blocking concern or the time killing thought started to be what would be my answer to - whats your plan for the weekend? / How was your weekend?...initially it was very new all I use to do is answer whatever I did else I use to plan it in advance, after couple of months I started feeling as Saturday & Sunday are the only two days with the Life filling feelings...but I chose to take control of it and realized that the best weekends turned out to be the one where I had no plans and I actually enjoyed every bit of it! so NO PLANS - LET IT BE ALL A SUuuuuuRrrPRISE!                      
  • So far in my career, this is my 1st MNC company & I am suppose to assist approx of 300 people. I couldn't in my imagination ever assume being surrounded by this no of people.....OH the beginning it was scarier than even getting married :P...but slowly I realized people are all same - build with emotions, feelings, concerns and ever trying to improve....God knows what?
  • Next year I will be a part of review cycle and sometimes I ask myself if I will be able to perform the same or I get this feeling as if my soul is being tied-up with this so call unrealistic Review Policy. I actually don't understand the concept behind a third person telling me what I need to improve and how I need to improve and over a certain period of time...why?. Why can't it be that I realize it from within and do it lovingly....may be the commercials plays a major role here...Kudos! 
  • I miss enjoying the nature (Sunrise & Sunset/ Loitering in Jayanagar area in Autumn specially when the roads are all painted pink or purple or yellow)  and its impeccable beauty. Right from morning 9am - 5:30pm all my mind could think is work. I get worried that I might get grey hairs much earlier than it's destined time.
  • The biggest of all - What if I start LOVING my work/ Job?