Thursday, January 26, 2017

Post - as a toast to my Craziness!

wow...I am proud of myself about the title I gave to this post. Kudos to me!

Yup, staying true to the title...let's begin!. So, I was thinking about how I feel a kick when I am slightly decent* crazy (*not the Jab we met types ;P). I feel more lively within, more cheerful and more confident if  it's my trademark.

Let's recollect some instances -
1.'I want Falooda right away!': I don't exactly remember what triggered the craving for just that pink rose falooda from that one specific shop at Jayanagar and that too on a Tuesday (22nd Nov) night 9.30pm. Firstly, I stay in a abode which is good as a jungle...a far away place ...where most of the population is elderly and hence the layout seems to go off at 8pm itself :(... only dogs bark and wind blows as if they will sway me away.

I asked a few other friends if anyone can join, some were down with cold, others asked - "at this hour?"...are you crazy!, some wanted to but routing/ travelling was problem. I heard them all, asked myself if I am convinced, if the craving is off my heart and mind - the answer was a big 'NO'. I had to follow my heart and just go....'the challenges' added the required kick to my craziness; like - the time of the day - almost 9pm, dark and quiet streets, Demonetization; means I just had the last few notes that sum to a total of 70 INR....and cannot think of any ATM having cash at this hour nor I am going to wait in any que because the priority was Falooda :D. I started without any further delay and after I was close to that area, what I realized was - I do not exactly know which route to take but my heart knew I will find it....just needed one known location that will connect the dots in mind. I ventured in some random lanes and colonies and finally I was right there!...woah!! I reached!

I was very sure that the billing counter will accept card...but no; they do not...I had no option but to give away the last 70 Rs cash I had. As I took the 1st small bite, there was a deep satisfaction to my craving. I felt enough blessed for everything that made me have it...the willingness, the pure urge, the capability to ride a scooter, owning a scooter, having that exact change in my wallet...everything. I was just completely their in that event till I finished it and started my ride back home. On my way back I saw that a close-by ATM was loaded with cash and I could be the 5th one in the line....then what?...I had no change again and a new 2000 INR....a new beginning to many more craziness :D

2. 'Just get on that shody bus': I really cannot stand the truth that I did travel in this private bus for my commute back from office. The commute which ideally takes 1hr 30mins max. but took 3 hours straight that one day. I don't understand why do I do this to myself....I feel a kick when I overhear the talks of local folks in goes on from what-all to what-not! and it differs with age groups....there were college pass-out girls who were in new jobs and the conversation started with a mere eye contact to years in present company, where they stay...with exact landmarks, how are there boy friend's (college-mates), future plans to settle, current work, company, salaries (😞...I mean how cheap) etc.; then I get diverted to another group of girls girls who were talking about how a MNC has declared 15days business shut-down time..

....have to leave this post half completed as I have not lost the flow. (26th Jain 2017)

Happy Craziness to YOU!

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