Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Painting - Balanced LIFE

Design Inspired By LIFE - Four letters, four elements.

A Balanced Life is a Beautiful and a complete life.
Red and Black are two extremes when it come to expressing feelings (Red = Passionate color often used to express love and Black as the darker side of emotions i.e Sadness, pain, grief etc) where as White comprises of all the 7 colors of a rainbow. 

Four Elements - Love, Harmony, Peace and Happiness

1. Love - Denoted by a heart attached to a string swinging between the space of two hands. I feel Love is always a constant two way emotion...held carefully and delicately between two entities and never too close nor too far; with just the right balance. One give the other receives and visa-versa.

The panel is red that denotes extreme passion but if the heart is closed and filled with the darker emotion....surroundings doesn't matter or is equally true for the reverse side.

2. Harmony within; in once heart, makes the dullest of the times pass....It, in itself is as complete as white light (7colors) complete as a soothing music in the dark...

3. Peace or tranquility which I feel is a inside-out feeling. If the heart feel distressed no amount of Love around helps.

4. Happiness a feeling of fulfillment. A kind of attainment where every single cell of body feels at Bliss and Joyous. The lady (in my view) symbolizes that she is complete in herself just as the white light.