Saturday, November 26, 2016

The feeling of being so Complete

As I am writing this I am unsure this is the feeling I am going through or if this is something I am seeking ...

The feeling of being so so complete.                    
where emotions doesn't seek any expressions,
where expressions doesn't seek any sensory actions,
where actions doesn't seek a platform,
where platform doesn't seek a stage,
where a stage doesn't seek a crowd,
where crowd doesn't mean people's gathering,
where people aren't - anyone other than me,
where other's aren't whom we 'know' and 'don't',
where knowing is - reflection of myself,
where reflection is metamorphic thoughts,
where thoughts are just ecstatic,
where ecstasy is self induced,
where self is - just so complete!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Time, Instances and Memories

Time, Instances and Memories - You must be wondering what this title is all about?

Well, this blog my personal space, a platform-cum-channel for self talk where the pure urge to write and a focused mind come together to jot down thoughts when the heart has expressions it cannot alone just feel but express.

My day was going good, relaxed... dwindling as the night was approaching. Mind, was as usual filled with thoughts. Thoughts of - a friend not being around, of missing another friend who just needs to be 'let go', about how uncertain life's events are, about Diwali holidays, about friend's Birthday, about TVF Trippling episodes :), about an old contact who pinged on whatsapp after a long time, about new born's of my x-roomies....

I would say - 'what-a- Falooda of thoughts' !!

In that urge of sharing the new Born's news I pinged another friend who was once my hostel-mate.....and all I get to hear back is - Tu Bhi kuch karle, Umr nikal rahi hai....budhi ho jaaegi (U also do something, time will slip off your hands, you are growing old). All I wanted to do was SCREAM!!! YES I KNOW :) but I took a deep breath and reminded myself to stay calm and look deeper into the source of this anger, the revolt, the disgust.

This event instantly made me feel a bit low as it conflicts with that what my heart follows and believes in and what others think is the way of life. I badly needed a Masala I had to drive to a nearby dairy to get a milk packet.

When I was stepping out from the dairy, I saw an old women on the other side of the road attempting to cross the road but was scared of speedy vehicles which kept the road busy. I couldn't hold myself and crossed the road to help her. This very moment released my heart of the emotional baggage...I felt elated. I thanked that supreme energy that surrounds me, molds events such like this and overlooks upon on me for my happiness - The very moment.

Back home, after a good cup of Hot Masala tea, I was thinking about Time, Instances and Memories.

And with a light heart and a clear mind I could remember all that I have written below:

Had heard or read this somewhere that whatever 'happens' we must know some point in life we would have asked for it and it is granted to us. Acceptance resolves half of the problem.

Promise to the self - In 'Now' and 'Then' I choose to be Happy
Similarly,  there are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. ~Laurell K. Hamilton and  I know I am still recovering from one. I am working on to be more kind and loving to myself, to be so happy and contented in my own company and to live upto that one promise I made to myself - In 'now' and 'then' I choose to be happy!

Eventually everything becomes a Memory and a few purest of it travels a lifetime. Make sure that the heart is without any selfish interest so that we have more memories that travels along, once that makes us smile, brings twinkle in our eyes, resides in that one humm of a song, surfaces with that one fragrance, that one ambiance, that one moment!

At this moment when I have poured it all out, would like to share what I feel - Time can be difficult but we have the power to chose to react or respond. Instances can be disappointing but we have a choice to look for the light. And for Memories are the special events that tell our Story....Be there in the now!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

जब जाता अपना कोई दूर

एक-टक राह तकते...
हर आहट  को तुम्हारे आने का संकेत समझते। 

एक तरफ गहरी चोट खाये... 
दूसरी तरफ, बिछड़ने का दुःख दिल को लगाए।

वैसे तो 'फैसलों' से एक दूरी रखते... 
पर नादान ये दिल  समझे न - ये दरिया, ये फासले, ये नफरत, ये झगड़े। 

ख़यालों के उलझ से गए धागे...
कतराती साँस भी मन भारी कर जाती। 

,अनजान दर्द के इस सैलाब से...
राह तकती अखियां भी, पलकें मूँद 
झलका देती वो आखरी बूँद।  

फिर भर आती अखियां, जब जाता कोई अपना; अपने से दूर। 

(24th July 2016)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Painting - Balanced LIFE

Design Inspired By LIFE - Four letters, four elements.

A Balanced Life is a Beautiful and a complete life.
Red and Black are two extremes when it come to expressing feelings (Red = Passionate color often used to express love and Black as the darker side of emotions i.e Sadness, pain, grief etc) where as White comprises of all the 7 colors of a rainbow. 

Four Elements - Love, Harmony, Peace and Happiness

1. Love - Denoted by a heart attached to a string swinging between the space of two hands. I feel Love is always a constant two way emotion...held carefully and delicately between two entities and never too close nor too far; with just the right balance. One give the other receives and visa-versa.

The panel is red that denotes extreme passion but if the heart is closed and filled with the darker emotion....surroundings doesn't matter or is equally true for the reverse side.

2. Harmony within; in once heart, makes the dullest of the times pass....It, in itself is as complete as white light (7colors) complete as a soothing music in the dark...

3. Peace or tranquility which I feel is a inside-out feeling. If the heart feel distressed no amount of Love around helps.

4. Happiness a feeling of fulfillment. A kind of attainment where every single cell of body feels at Bliss and Joyous. The lady (in my view) symbolizes that she is complete in herself just as the white light.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

मैं टुकड़ा एक रेत सा

आसमान की चादर तले,
मैं टुकड़ा रेत सा...
आँखे खुली तो नज़राना था..
नीचे हम; और सारा ज़माना था।

नज़रों के सामने बेफिक्र अफ़साना(कहानी) था।
सुनहरी धुप का शामियाना था,
रंग बदलती चादर...आँखों का पैमाना (नाप) था।
चिड़ियों का आना जाना था।

धड़कनो को गिनता मैं एक-सा...
आसमान की चादर तले,
मैं टुकड़ा रेत सा...

यूँ तो मैं ज़र्रा हूँ ....२
ईमारत में एक ईट सा
या ढलते समय के बीच का

आसमान की चादर तले,
मैं टुकड़ा रेत सा...

Sunday, January 3, 2016



समंदर का अस्तित्व 
झीलों का एहसास
वादियों की गूँज 
इंसान की बुनियाद
रिश्तो का साज़
ख्वाबों की जीवन्ता 

सोच का दर्पण
शालीनता की खुशबु 
ममता की मिसाल

सादगी की प्रेरणा
इश्क़ का जूनून
तन्हाई का शोर
इरादों की नेकता

गहराइयाँ - इनसे है सतह और सतह से किनारे ।