Friday, December 6, 2013

Let me know...

Let me know
when it’s the time to go
Go - away from who I am,
Away from who I use to be,
Away in say; Every way….
To find a new way….
In search of some hay
to feed the thoughts, to get them better
To discover the reason,
To setup a new season
Let me know….

Let me know
when I assume myself moving on
but you see - it’s me sinking deep in that which is gone
flowing in the dangerous twirl,
of past & that of the Will…
Let me know when it is a change
as they say it’s a rain in the barren land,
let me know..
As I go with words; words that are naive to my heart
but from ones –I hold dear to my heart.

Let me know
when, I come across you…
forgotten; that gone is not always to mourn,
And to remember the promise of dawn
let me know when it’s time to let go…