Thursday, May 3, 2012

GOD's Love so wonderful...Ooooo

All those special moments whenever I have been too low but the moment I lift my head...I see a MIRACLE...& I call all those special moments as GOD's LOVE.

These MIRACLEs can be of any shape, size or sort....but it connects to your heart, it brings a pleasing smile on the face, it gives the comfort inspite of the storm of thoughts you have been in, all I can say is...IT TOUCHES HEART.

One fine day, while checking my FB account, I saw a beautiful pic of 'A view from my room' as a post from one of my friend on was a perspective of two parallel buildings & a rainbow peeping from behind one of the building. To this post some one commented - "A rainbow...God's promise that all things will be renewed....".
I don't why but I loved the comment & also I felt as if GOD has only made me read his I was a bit low & was depressed.....

As I was happy to read the line & believing it to be for me....I wanted to just get out of the room, where i had been the whole day!. The weather outside was sunny but with loads of winds....I went on terrace & felt that it
started raining....though a very few drops....It clicked in my mind that this condition is the one for the formation of a RAINBOW....and the moment I turned to my right....IT WAS RITE THEIR !! was a RAINBOW...smiling at me...a REAL RAINBOW.....God's promise that all things will be renewed...

I couldn't just leave that place till the rainbow was visible....I was held tight by the moment....I Loved touched me...& I wanted to add this moment to my Blog. Now the mind was searching for a suitable title for the blog & without a second thought ..all it could conclude  was - GOD's LOVE.....
The title took me back to my school days memories where we use to sing a MORNING PRAYER ....which was ...

God’s Love is so wonderful, (thrice)
Oh! Wonderful love!
So high you can’t get over it, (Thrice)
Oh! Wonderful love!
So deep you can’t get under it, (thrice)
Oh! Wonderful love!
So wide you can’t get around it, (thrice)
Oh! Wonderful love!...

My day was Blessed!...then I started wondering, their had been countless moments as God's love a call from a long lost friend & getting to know that a FRIEND I have been a Blessing to them, A hug from a friend when you needed it the Most, A hot coffee cup with loved ones, A innocent kiss from a child & the time spent with him/her as its completely non judgmental of who you are & how you does leave you more cheerful than what you was before the meet.

To this I would also like to add that CHILDREN are no doubt a Pure form of LOVE & GOD itself (s/he)..
For all my days away from home, GOD made sure that a kid is their nearby me ....& touchwood all the PG's, Flats, Offices...I had been associated ....their I met kids & enjoyed the Laughter, love & fun playing with them..all.

GOD's love is also when I missed my MOM - DAD to the core of my heart & due to some of my fears, din't call them...but the very next moment what I see on my phone is....PAPA calling....
With a sigh of relief ...I take a leave....have a day filled with - WONDERFUL GOD's LOVE